Fifty six (56) trainings were organized for practicing farmers and rural youth and In-service personnel (3) for upgrading their knowledge and skill on various thematic areas viz. weed management, resource conservation technologies, cropping system, seed production (crop production), off season vegetables, nursery raising, training and pruning, rejuvenation of old orchards (Horticulture), Soil fertility management, soil and water conservation, production and use of organic inputs, management of problematic soil, soil sampling and testing (Soil health and fertility), minimization of nutrient losses in processing, income generating activities for empowerment of rural women, Kitchen gardening, value addition, women and child care (Home science), dairy management, piggery management, poultry management, disease management, goat farming, production of quality animal products (Livestock production Management) etc. Total 1120 trainees were trained during 2013-14.

Sponsored Training

Two days programme for 5 trainings each for hundred farmers (125) of Lucknow district under State Horticulture Mission Programme was carried out at KVK, IISR, Lucknow, in which 125 selected progressive farmers of different blocks of Lucknow District were trained. Training was mainly focused on improved technologies pertaining to mango, guava, aonla, potato, banana, gladiolus, rose, spices crop, nursery raising and protected cultivation of vegetables and IPM for horticultural crops.