Assessment, refinement and demonstration of technology/products


  • On farm testing to identify the location specificity to technologies in various farming system.
  • Frontline demonstrations to establishment production potentials on the farmers’ fields.
  • Training of farmers and farm women to update their knowledge and skills in modern agricultural technologies and training of extension personnel to orient them about areas of technology development.
  • Work as resource and knowledge based centre of agricultural technology for supporting initiatives of public, private and voluntary sector for improving the agricultural economy of the district.
  • Create awareness about frontier technologies through large number of extension activities viz., Farmer fair, field day, strategic campaign, Ex. trainees sammelan, Farmers field school etc.
  • The seed and planting materials product by the KVK are also to be made available to the farmers.

  • Important Components

  • Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) Consisting representation of stakeholders & meeting once in a year for review & priority setting
  • Demonstration Units : Location specific to educate farmers
  • Crop Cafeteria : Providing options to farmers to select from different crops
  • Diagnostic and Advisory Services : Diagnostic & advisory at Farm Science Centre
  • Expert visit to Farmers field
  • Seed, planting material production and other products as technology inputs
  • Revolving fund : Maintenance of account, use for farm related activities
  • Technology backstopping by Agricultural Universities/Research Organizations

  • Thrust areas for the KVKs

    Keeping in view the agro-climatic situation the following thrust areas were identified for the KVKs operational in the Uttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal (Zone IV).

  • Farm Science Center as a Platform for alliance of ICAR, Universities-State Govt. – NGOs.
  • Product development, convergence, farmer led extension & women empowerment.
  • Models of public-private partnership to be evolved for development of processes, technology application and its flow.
  • Host institutions to take up the issues like use of ICT, methodology backstopping, quality production and other such interventions.
  • Farm Science Center to build agri-alert system, agro-advisory through mobile, Technology Park etc. for better clientele services.
  • Inter exchange of technologies, methodologies, visits, HRD, etc.
  • Extension research and impact evaluation studies.
  • Developing indigenous models and methods for enhancing the efficiency of the extension system.
  • Promotion of modern equipments and machinery in farm sector, also locally fabricated and modified tools.
  • State level Farm Science Center Interface.
  • Development of Farm Science Center websites, creation of data base & content development.
  • Farmers Reach (footprint) and Farm Science Center outreach.